Dear Library July School Holiday Programme

Stories on-line - through the Porirua Libraries Facebook page Children's Chat group - with engagement opportunities in the library and beyond. Answer the daily questions, and complete the letter-writing challenges, to win prizes galore! Pick up an entry form from any Porirua Libraries branch, and join the fun.

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The Dear Library July school holiday programme is bringing a wealth of stories and words to you - at home, and at the City Centre Library. The story component of the programme is being delivered online through the Porirua Libraries Children's Chat Group (membership is not essential, but it is a great excuse to join if you have not already). A new video will be published online at 10.30AM Monday to Friday both weeks of the school holidays. In Week 1, we will read Yours Sincerely, Giraffe, by Megumi Iwasa and Jun Takabatake; and in Week 2, we will read the sequel Dear Professor Whale. Answer the daily questions to be in to win gorgeous Gecko Press book prizes. There are bonus letter-writing challenges too – in fact, we are hoping to receive so much mail that we are installing a special mailbox for you to post it in. You better make sure your letterbox is hungry too… because we’ll be writing back to you. Come in and pick up an entry form from any branch of Porirua Libraries.

July 8-17, 2020 - in the Porirua Libraries Facebook Children's Chat Group, and in-library