What should I read next?

Does your love of reading mean you regularly run out of reading material? Never fear, help is at hand - try the Reader Advisory tools below or email us for a librarian-guided selection.

Does your love of reading mean you regularly run out of reading material? Never fear, help is at hand - try the Reader Advisory tools below or email us for a librarian-guided selection.

Check out the sites below for ideas, tips and leads for your next reading:


Fantastic Fiction is great for finding the full list of titles in a series. You can search by author, book title or series title. It also provides author recommendations on other authors - an interesting way to find out what influences or pleases your favourite writers!

Who Else Writes Like is an author database where you search for an author and get a list of similar writers. Each author entry is tagged with a genre, setting, main character, and notable series titles. As with any comparison tool, it is subjective, but it is a large enough database to get you a few good matches. You need a library card in order to log in.

Book Series In Order aims to list all the books in every English language fiction series for children and adults. It's a great resources for those of us who aren't limited by age categories when reading.

Fact (and fiction)

The three websites below are great resources for fiction too, but their very well-developed non-fiction guidance is a rare strength.

Goodreads is great for non-fiction. The website provides loads of non-fiction categories for browsing , and you can also search by title or author. A lot of the database is open access. but you can get more personalised results if you sign up (it's free) and build a profile based on your tastes.

Love Reading presents curated lists of recommended books across many fiction and non-fiction categories. You'll also find lists of international prize and award winners to peruse, with symposes and reviews of each title.

What should I read next will get you get oodles of results that will lead you on interesting tangents, with fiction and non-fiction all in the mix. There is a subscription version that is possibly less hit-and-miss than the free version, but sometimes random suggestions are a good thing 😊

Outside the box

Whichbook provides a surprising approach to choosing your next fiction: instead of searching by the usual author, title or genre, you search by mood, geographical location, or character type!

The mood spectrums include quirky options such as beautiful to disgusting / optimistic to bleak / safe to disturbing as well as more conventional spectrums such as happy to sad / funny to serious. You can combine spectrums too: if you want a disgusting-optimistic-funny-sad book this is where you will find it!

Tastedive will guide you to your next fiction or non-fiction book, yes, but also to your next music, film, TV series, podcast or video game. It also provides extensive lists of recommendations, including those created by their audience. If you feel the need to influence other people's entertainment choices, here is your chance 😊

Children and young people

National Library's compilation of reader advisory tools for young people is a wonderful resource. You'll find reviews, booklists and searchable databases here, for children from age zero to late teens. The options include New Zealand and Pasifika tools as well as international ones.

Let us use our experience with satisfying hungry readers to help you! Click here to enter your request using the send us a message form.

Use the option "Reader Advisory" in the drop-down menu, and tell us:

  • what you like to read (eg. preferred fiction genres and non-fiction subjects, favourite authors)
  • what you don't like (examples are useful)
  • the last thing you enjoyed reading, and why
  • Any physical parameters eg. it must be large print, never audio-books, not too bulky

With a bit of back and forth we will hopefully launch you on a fresh reading journey